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Incredible Growth in Using Computers for Business

Even though computers were very basic in mid-1960’s, compared to modern technology, they were becoming desperately needed as they were at last easier to use and less expensive. Business realized the computer’s potential for increasing their bottom line, and so there was an incredible demand for them. Within a matter of 8 years, sales of this technology increased in 1960 from $600,000,000 to $7 billion in 1968

The whole Business market changed with the availability of access to computing power. Entirely new markets emerged, with shortened product life cycles, rapid increases of new products and growth slowing in our traditional markets. All lead to the need for computers that were able to provide information NOW, “real-time” and “on-line”

One of these emerging markets was the Computer Repair Industry. Eventually adding a completely new Curriculum to the Universities and Technical Institutes around the Globe.

The Computer was considered so important that a survey in 1967 by Booz, Allen & Hamilton,  a strategy and management consulting firm concluded……

“The day may not be far distant when those who analyze annual business failures can add another category to their list of causes — failure to exploit the computer.”

Even though computing was still on a time sharing basis, it was becoming increasingly popular.

In 1966, Dr. Manley R. Irwin, the resident computer expert at the FCC, Stated in an article titled “The Computer Utility” for Datamation:

“Within the next decade electronic data centers are expected to sell computational power to the general public in a way somewhat analogous to today’s distribution of electricity.”

As we know today, computer service bureaus had an explosive growth and validates this comment.

The continual advancement of computer technology enabled the price and size of the bureau computers to shrink, so they became a very affordable utility to modern Businesses.

Considering the Computer as a utility, developed what we see today of computer users harnessing the telephone system. They use modems to connect to computers in other locations, transmitting digital data, computer information, etc. through the Internet.

We all know how the introduction of the IBM Personal Computer Changed completely changed how we do business and communicate with each other. The IBM/Clone “ wars” are now far behind us, and we take it for granted that software and hardware all works together within the two camps of Microsoft and Apple

Personal Computing reached a stage that we could not imagine ten or twenty years ago. Today we expect to communicate instantly and work where ever we want to, on our desktops, laptops, tablets, and Smartphones.

Keeping this sophisticated technology running with minimal disruption, requires the use of trusted and experienced Technicians.  If you are experiencing problems with your equipment or you require assistance to plan your Network, Abacom Computer Solutions can help you with your Computer Repairs in Auckland. Abacom, have been providing technical support through the wider Auckland area for 25 years.

What is very important, is employ a professional trustworthy Technical team to ensure the integrity of your data.